Happy Birthday to Me

Birthdaycake,pngYesterday was my birthday. It’s been nearly a year since I started this journey and even though I still have a few weeks and one more career to finish to reach my 23 careers in one year goal, things are ramping up on the decision side of things. I have been in conversations with a publisher about putting this experience into a book. That would lead me on a writing and public speaking path. I have the opportunity to attend futurist training this summer and go down that career path, which I am also very interested in. I have been asked to make the marketing director career my permanent gig, as that career became a main source of income last fall. I’m thinking about expanding on my business coaching career and a couple of others, too. The biggest milestone I’ve reached is that I am no longer a graphic designer. I completed my last design project in January and have closed all client files as of last month. That feels like a big win right there.

QueenArticleMy potential career list continues to get shorter as they transition over to the completed list. I feel like there is some clarity that’s happening with the “what do I want to do” question, but also with the “why do I want to do it” question too. It started with an article that I was asked to write for Queen of the Castle Magazine. They simply asked for an update for this month’s issue and it made me slow down for a few minutes and reflect on this past year. Not only have I explored a lot of careers that I’ve thought about doing, but I’ve been consistently doing things that were completely out of my comfort zone. I traveled alone to cities I’ve never been before and learned how to use Uber to get where I needed to be. I’ve milked cows at 6am, given speeches and worked on a television show. I’ve put myself out there. I’ve felt all sorts of fears and anxieties and not only overcome those fears, but did things specifically to face those uncomfortable feelings. I’ve also met some pretty incredible people that I feel very fortunate to call friends now. It’s been amazing to see what has transpired in my life from just opening up to the possibilities of new experiences.

You can read my article on the “5 Lessons from a Midlife Career Change” here:  http://www.queenofthecastlemagazine.com/general-articles/2016/2/16/23-careers-in-one-year-an-update

Being interviewed by Sarah Stokes at Queen TV

Queen of the Castle Magazine liked the article so much that I did my first on-camera interview about the blog project for Queen TV last week. I was totally out of my comfort zone again, but I actually think it went well. Of course, I thought of a dozen different ways to say everything after the interview was done, but that’s okay – I’ve also learned that it doesn’t all need to be perfect. I’ll post a link to the interview here as soon as it’s available, but in the meantime, check out Queen TV at:  https://www.facebook.com/18525934199/videos/10153673273819200/

Overall, this has been a crazy month for me. I’m trying to wrap up a few careers that have loose ends – those that need one more visit or project to be completed to call them done. I’ve still got several blog posts on those careers to finish too. I’m a bit of a procrastinator, but then again, that’s not unusual for most of us. For me, procrastination creates a pressure situation that pushes the work forward without allowing perfectionism to slow it down, so those blog posts will come over the course of the next month – perfect or not.

As I reflect on my 46th birthday, I can truly say that I am grateful to everyone who has given me the opportunity to work with them, learn from them and write about them! I’m grateful for my friends and family who wouldn’t let me give up, even when there were times when I really wanted to. This project got overwhelming but I’m glad that I’ve stuck with it. I’m a different person today than I was a year ago and while I’m still figuring it all out at this point, I’m excited to see where it will take me from here. Thanks for hanging in there with me – and stay tuned for the final career decision!

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